Campus Connect: College Sports, Entertainment & Viral News – 8/3

Hellllur everybody 💛🍋 Happy FRIYAY🤗 Finish this week strong💫 WARNING; RANT AHEAD ➡️⬇️ PEOPLE CAN POST WHATEVER THEY WANT TO POST TO INSTAGRAM!!!!! It is, in fact, their Instagram…. if you find yourself disapproving of, uncomfortable with, in disagreement with, etc. what other people are posting then UNFOLLOW them👋🏼 As we enter the summer & the flux of bikini pics begin to fill your timeline, I would just like to remind you that there's no reason to make mean or rude remarks on people's pictures. Remember that super cliche saying we all learned in like kindergarten; "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" Remember that one? Well often times I feel like it's a saying that gets completely disregarded despite the immense amount of validity and truth it holds🙈 If girls are posting "revealing" (NEWS FLASH; bikinis are revealing🤷🏼‍♀️) pictures of themselves in bikinis there's really no need to body shame them, call them names like slut or whore, or say anything negative at all. Now-a-days It is easy to feel like nothing is ever good enough. You're either too big or too small. Too fat & unhealthy or too thin & anorexic. You're either a prude, a tease, or a slut. Sometimes, especially in our social media crazed generation, it seems that no matter what you do, how you dress, what you post, etc, you will get a label thrown on you & thus be confined to whatever that label entails. SO, instead of multiplying others insecurities, we should try to aid in minimizing them. We should be cheering others on for loving themselves & for being confident enough in themselves to even put a damn bikini on & take a picture in it. In a society that has rigid & clear-cut standards for how we should all look, act, dress, etc, it is important that we do not shame others for simply loving themselves & telling society & it's damn standards to piss off☝🏼 NEWS FLASH; beautiful isn't being a size 00, classy isn't wearing turtlenecks & ankle skirts, intelligent isn't having a 4.0 gpa, fit isn't going to the gym 7 days a week & eating 0 fats, & perfect isn't real 😇 STOP being mean. Stop taring one another down & picking each other a part. 🌞❣️MUCH LOVE. Xo

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It’s Friday, Aug. 3, and it’s time to prepare for the weekend ahead. College life can be busy, so at times it can be tough to keep up with the daily news cycle. That’s why we bring you Campus Connect, where you can catch the latest news in college sports and entertainment to keep on top of the buzz that everyone on campus will be talking about.

What happened last night? What events are coming up today? We have you covered with all of that and more.

Let’s dive right in.

College Sports News

College football is just around the corner, so the preseason polls are beginning to roll out with the Amway Coaches Poll releasing its preseason top 25 on Thursday afternoon. The Coaches Poll, which is not part of the College Football Playoff selection committee’s formula to determine the four teams that will compete for the College Football Playoff National Championship, is voted on by 65 FBS head coaches.

From the moment the allegations were reported, people were calling for Urban Meyer to be fired. Others were discussing just how troubling the report is and how damaging it is to the head coach’s reputation. Could he ever come back from something like this that comes across as turning a blind eye to abuse in order to protect his own reputation?

The Oregon football team is one of the sharpest programs on the gridiron each and every Saturday. The Ducks lead the way in uniform innovation and can go an entire season without wearing the same uniform combination twice. That is why they have become the poster child for uniforms in college football and programs all across the nation have been trying to keep up. But while Oregon has some of the most modern looks in the sport, it hasn’t always been that way. Let’s take a look at the evolution of the Ducks’ uniforms below.

Busted Coverage Girl of the Day

Here is a school that doesn’t get featured very often: Providence College. But they have come through this week with Erin Ross, who has watched her social media following grow to more than 56,000 followers.

Entertainment News

According to the report by the data analytics firm Nielson based in New York City, adults (aged 18-34) now spend ELEVEN HOURS A DAY looking at a screen, otherwise known as essentially half the day. While I’m about the further thing from a scientist, I’m relatively confident that looking into an artificial light for 50% of your dad is definitely not good for your eyes (and maybe brain?) in the long run.

In an interview with Emmy Magazine, Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon discussed how he plans to approach writing the new season.

Viral Clip of the Day

.@KingJames' speech to this youth team is 💯

(via drichtv/Instagram)

— ESPN (@espn) August 2, 2018

LeBron James continues to show that he is just as great off the court as he is on it.

Food of the Day

Cheese Curds at @Packers (Cred: @Patina250 & @delawarenorth) 🧀🧀

— Kari Steele (@KariVanHorn) August 2, 2018

MLB ballparks have had their time to shine, but with the NFL season just around the corner, it’s time to see what kind of food you can pick up at your favorite team’s stadium. Starting things off are the Green Bay Packers, who have come up with a slight twist on exactly what you would expect them to serve: cheese curds.