These Are The Most Hated College Football Teams In America

College football features some of the most exciting and heated rivalries. That’s because of the passion that fan bases bring to the stadium each and every weekend during the season and the love that former students still have for their school no matter where they are currently living. Of course, while every fan base and team has their top rival, there are some teams that everyone seems to hate.
Whether it be because their fans are so brash, annoying, or the team is just so damn good, there are teams that are just easy to root against.
In fact, some teams are so easy to hate that a majority of the country can come together in pulling for them to lose.
A recent survey from Lightspeed, a subsidiary of Kantar Group, polled fans over the age of 18-years-old to see which college football program they considered to be the “most hated.” If you had to guess, you probably know who the top vote-getter was.
The most hated college football team in the country currently is none other than the Alabama Crimson Tide. That is bound to happen when you win five national championships over the course of the last decade with no signs of slowing down. Alabama received 16 percent of the vote.
Sitting right behind Alabama is another perennial national title contender in the Ohio State Buckeyes at 12 percent. Ohio State is also currently embroiled in controversy thanks to head coach Urban Meyer, so that certainly didn’t help their case.
Rounding out the top five is the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Penn State Nittany Lions, and Michigan Wolverines.

Who do you think is the most hated college football team in the country? Sound off in the comments section below to let your voice be heard.

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