Esports Training Program Included In Kobe Bryant's Sports Academy

Former NBA star Kobe Bryant’s recent project, the Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks California,  will include multi-sport training facilities for young athletes who are looking to take sports up to the next level.
One of these programs includes Esports training.

What Is Happening?

Lakers Legend Kobe Bryant is looking to launch his sports academy that has already garnered over 50,000 young athletes since 2016. In this academy, MAMBA sports academy will have three divisions, physical academies, sports-focused venture lab, and a charity foundation. The venture lab, according to Sports Techie, “will be focusing on cognition in sports, strategic investments and supporting science technology, education, arts, and math education.”
It was also announced that the academy has partnered with Axon Sports to create a line of digital cognition training products.
The facility is a 100,000 square foot that includes a biomechanics lab, cognitive training lab, and an Esports training ground.

Recently rumors have been going around that Kobe Bryant is investing heavily in Esports and his academy seems to confirm that rumor.
On December 2016, Kobe joined a group of investors who bought a League of Legend team for a reported $1 million according to Sports Techie. Echo Fox, an Esports organization company said that it has spoken to Kobe about the growing presence of Esports.
“(Kobe) is aware of what is moving in the ecosystem with some of his peers,” Fox said. “He doesn’t have a deaf ear or blind eye to this. We had some conversations about (eSports). If I had to suspect, Kobe is not far off from making his own move. He’s obviously welcome always to be a part of our world in any way, any capacity he’d want to be. We’d love adding him to our group.”
With that in mind, it is pretty plausible that the Mamba will strike at this opportunity and not let go of this juicy deal. His inclusion of the venture lab might suggest to us that he is interested in seeing how modern technology can take athlete training to the next level.

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