LaVar Ball Returning To ESPN First Take On Monday

LaVar Ball is crazy. Crazy like a PR guru.
The world of sports coverage exploded with the brazen and outlandish comments made by America’s most over-confident and outspoken father earlier this year: LaVar Ball.
The father of the talented UCLA standout Lonzo Ball has made a name for himself and his sons by constantly keeping his name in the media stream. After doing more than holding his own against Stephen A. Smith on First Take earlier this month, and now he is back for another round.
Ball will be returning to First Take on Monday morning.

Many felt that Ball’s appearance on First Take, which garnered fantastic ratings and more mentions on Twitter than ever before, was the kind of gripping television the worldwide leader in sports should stay away from.
Many high ranking analysts at the network were vocal in their disapproval of Ball’s appearance and the circus that ensued between host Stephen A. and LaVar Ball.

The fact of the matter is that LaVar Ball is using the same tactics that Donald Trump used to secure the presidency. Keep saying the outrageous things, keep media members busy trying to keep up, and never back down even if it makes you look absolutely ridiculous to do otherwise.
The narrative on LaVar Ball has been a winding road that his included his name dropping a number of legendary athletes and eliciting reactions from them.
For as ignorant and backwards as it is to say LaVar Ball is, he obviously knows what he’s doing. He’s turned his sons into more than basketball players, they are now pop-culture references that you could easily imagine being on “I Love the 2010’s.”

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