Patrick Peterson Hasn't Seen A Decision As Bad As Horn Vs. Pacquiao Since 2009

Manny Pacquiao lost by unanimous decision to underdog Jeff Horn on Saturday night.
The outcome of the fight has drawn intense scrutiny from major sports analysts, as well as anyone who was watching the fight and has a Twitter account.
Add former LSU cornerback and current Arizona Cardinal Patrick Peterson among those who felt it was a bad decision.
He was so incensed, that it reminded him of one of his own robberies that came at the hands of officials.

You might recall a 2009 matchup between LSU and Alabama that nearly swung drastically on the heels of a Patrick Peterson interception.
Peterson jumped the route, snatching the ball away from the intended target, Alabama receiver Julio Jones. His foot was clearly in bounds, but after being ruled out of bounds on the field, a booth review failed to overturn the call.
Peterson was livid, the entire LSU sideline was as well, and the Tide would roll to a 24-15 victory.
In case you don’t remember, get a look for yourself.

Even with all of his success in the NFL, this one appears to have stuck in his memory.
In his Twitter post, he went so far as to add the #NeverForget at the bottom.
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