WATCH: Bob Sapp Went Against A Bear In Japan On New Year's Eve

Bob Sapp is known by combat ports fans for his freak show fights that were rarely competitive. Throughout 62 professional bouts across mixed martial arts and kickboxing, the 6-foot-4, 329-pounder has an overall record of 23-38-1.
He’s been in the cage and ring against plenty of opponents throughout his career, but nothing could have prepared him for what he was going to face during a New Year’s Eve show in Japan.
For the show called KYOKUGEN 2017, Sapp went up against a grizzly bear.
Here’s more about the show, from

This whole event seems absolutely nuts even if you’d take away Bob Sapp taking on a freaking bear. It looks like a pro soccer team is going to play a game against 100 kids, while a baseball player tries to snag a ball from what we assume is one of the fastest servers in Japanese tennis. There is some white water rafting and ice skating of some sort. And of course, Bob Sapp covered in meat and put into a cage with a bear.

You read that right.
Now no, Sapp did not fight or wrestler a real bear, but he was locked in a cage with a piece of Plexiglas between him and the bear. They then pushed the glass which was on a track to see who would be the strongest. Needless to say, the bear won.
You can watch the insanity below.–AciWc8
That may be the longest Bob Sapp has ever lasted in a competition in his career.
Happy New Year, everyone.

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