Alabama's Bo Scarbrough Yelled 'F Georgia,' Not Trump

Ahead kickoff for Monday night’s national championship game in Atlanta, Alabama’s Bo Scarbrough generated some headlines with Sporting News sharing a video and alleging he screamed out “F*** Trump,” with the president in attendance at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
However, the Crimson Tide running back says he had a very different message.
According to Scarbrough, he was not yelling anything to disrespect the President of the United States. Instead, he was simply trying to fire up his teammates by shouting about their opponent for the big game.
Scarbrough says that his real message was “f*** Georgia!”

If you read the comments to the tweet, there is a mixed reaction to whether people believe he said Georgia or Trump. People will make their own judgement based on what they want to hear.
And since “f*** Trump” was how the video was first presented, it’s hard to unhear it.
Regardless of what was said, Scarbrough can focus on the positive moments from Monday night, which include winning a national championship in one of the best title games of all-time.
The Crimson Tide came away with a 26-23 win over the Georgia Bulldogs in overtime.

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