WATCH: Alabama's Mekhi Brown Tries To Fight Coach On Sidelines

The intensity is picking up in the second half of the College Football National Championship Game and Alabama’s Mekhi Brown is letting it get the best of him.
With the third quarter winding down, Brown had a lapse of judgement during punt coverage and ended up receiving an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It was all downhill from there.
As Brown made his way to the sideline, coaches and teammates were attempting to calm him down.
However, Brown’s temper boiled over and he snapped, lunging and swinging at a Crimson Tide assistant before he was restrained by another teammate and pulled to the ground.
Here’s video of the sideline incident:

That’s an ugly moment for the Crimson Tide, who trail by ten points with the fourth quarter underway at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.
Alabama can ill-afford to let emotions get the best of them as they look to rally with less than 15 minutes left to play.

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