WATCH: Seattle Seahawks Players Get Harassed Over Anthem Protests

Two members of the Seattle Seahawks were minding their own business on their way to the Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, Washington to get in some work.
The players, Neiko Thorpe and Mike Tyson, unfortunately, ended up getting harassed by a random woman on the road.
As Thorpe and Tyson set idling in their vehicle, a woman unleashed a vulgar tirade at the players over NFL protests which have been going on across the league regarding social injustice and systemic racism.
“Stand up and be a man,” the woman said, in a video obtained by TMZ Sports.
“I don’t care who you are. All I care about is the fact that my tax dollars pay for you to play and go f**king play. Get off your f**king knees.”
The woman was asked her name by the players, who never even took a knee during the NFL season, but she refused and instead continued to ramble on as she drove away.
You can check out the video below:

[protected-iframe id=”02006c1cc680070ac692449dbd27f85c-112307288-6515840″ info=”//” width=”664″ height=”421″ frameborder=”0″ style=”width: 728px; height: 410px;”]
It’s unfortunate that two athletes can’t go about their everyday life without getting harassed by a random stranger in public — especially for something they never did. Unfortunately, that’s the political climate of the world we are in today and all we can do is to try to better ourselves and avoid lashing out at people for exercising their First Amendment rights.

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