WATCH: Boxer Rod Salka Wears 'Build The Wall' Shorts, Gets Pummeled By Mexican Francisco Vargas

Rod Salka got humbled in a very public way on Thursday night. The former lightweight and super featherweight titleholder decided to wear anti-immigrant trunks for his bout against Mexican boxer Francisco Vargas at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California, but the fight didn’t go as he planned.
Instead, Salka caught a whooping from Vargas and suffered a TKO loss in the sixth round.
Salka’s trunks featured a wall pattern and the Donald Trump tagline of “America First.” However, Salka failed to get rolling, kind of like the construction on Trump’s wall, and it was Mexico that was No. 1 on the night.
Check out how the finish unfolded below:

It was a one-sided beatdown that left Salka retreating and ultimately crumbling to the mat because of Vargas’ offensive onslaught.
It’s never a good idea to give your opponent some extra motivation when you’re about to get into a fist fight, so maybe Salka will think twice about his choice of wardrobe before the next time he enters the ring.

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