This Massive Eighth Grader Is Already Getting Major College Offers

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Kiyaunta Goodwin is NOT your average 13-year-old…

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Last summer, Kiyaunta Goodwin was introduced to the college football world as a massive recruit despite being just 13 years old. Now, a year later, Goodwin has continued to grow and is now a massive 6-foot-7, 370-pounds with four years until he is able to suit up for a college program.

That hasn’t stopped many of the top programs from reaching out, however, with the now 14-year-old offensive lineman now holding verbal offers from a number of top schools.

Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Louisville, and Syracuse are among the schools that have reportedly reached out.

Goodwin towers over everyone he comes across. For instance, look at this photo of the 14-year-old standing next to Oklahoma Sooners commit and U.S. Army All-American Brendon Radley-Hiles.

Good luck at Oklahoma @Bookie_44 see you soon

— Kiyaunta Goodwin (@K_Goodwin2022) January 7, 2018

And how about Goodwin standing next to Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer?

O-H-I-O @OhioStateFB

— Kiyaunta Goodwin (@K_Goodwin2022) April 6, 2018

The craziest part is that the massive lineman could grow to be over 7-foot tall, according to a recent profile from Bleacher Report. It reads:

By the age of four, doctors told his mother that he could grow to be 7’10” based on his bone structure. On a visit a few months ago, doctors said that Goodwin could still grow to be more than seven feet tall.

As a result of both his height and weight, everything in Goodwin’s life has had to be customized. His bed is king-sized and extra long. Most of his clothing and shoes must be ordered online. The football team had to borrow football pants for him from a nearby high school. He wears an NFL helmet and pads, and his cleats won’t fit inside his school locker.

Wherever Goodwin ultimately lands, the fan base is going to be thrilled, and he will immediately become the big man on campus.